Inspirations Studio would not be here without its donors. Thank you!

The Studio continues to look for stable funding and a long-term home and your help is much appreciated!

All donations and funds are securely stewarded under St. Stephen's Community House's Trustee and Mentorship Program.

Take a workshop

Let us host your team building event. Read about our workshops here.

host a soup night

Hosting a soup night is a fun way to support Inspirations.

  1. Contact us for more details about hosting third party fundraising events.

  2. Invite guests at $75 per person to cover the cost of a soup bowl and a small donation.

  3. Host guests and serve food in the bowls, which they can then keep!

Join the Friends of Inspirations

Friends of Inspirations Studio is a community volunteer group dedicated to promoting the work and goals of Inspirations Studio. The Friends are members of Toronto’s arts, financial, academic, neighbourhood and business communities, who believe in the power and necessity of art and skill-building to improve and heal lives. Working in close collaboration with St. Stephen's Community House, the Friends of Inspirations Studio are an active, interim committee who are working diligently to raise funds, and identify a non-profit partner to stabilize the Studio.


We are looking for:

  1. Photographers and people with graphic design skills to help us with marketing the members’ work.

  2. Potters, who are proficient wheel throwers, to assist our newest members a few hours a week.

  3. People with fundraising, event planning and outreach skills.

  4. Carpenters and all around handy people who can help us envision and create shelving to make the most of our small space.

Wish list

Can you help us make an outdoor sign for the store, featuring our logo?

This wish came true. Come check out our new sign at 2480 Dundas st West. Handpainted by Effie Sakkas, thank you!

IS logo.jpg